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The Max Out Makeover program is ideal for properties that don’t qualify for our signature ‘Sell Your Home Once, Get Paid Twice’ program.

Program Highlights of “Max Out Makeover”

Personalized Renovation Plans.

Tailored strategies are developed for each property, to identify key improvements or enhancements that would provide a significant return on investment. Sometimes it’s the simple things, like removing clutter, providing light repairs, or refreshing a property with paint and flooring. Other times it could be more substantial and could include replacing kitchens and bathrooms. Either way, the goal is the same: to maximize property value relative to the investment. Renovations are informed by current real estate market insights, aligning with buyer preferences and demands.

Wholesale Construction.

Our experienced and licensed contractors work at our wholesale prices to efficiently complete repairs without compromising on quality.

Construction Funds Advance.

Max Out Homes advances all renovation costs, which are later reimbursed at closing, easing the financial strain on homeowners.

Project Management Fee.

Max Out Homes charges a project management fee for overseeing the Max Out Makeover process. This fee is agreed upon in advance with the seller, and it is discounted dollar for dollar by any commission earned through its affiliated relationship with Century 21 Realty Specialists on the sale.

Century 21 Realty Specialists on the sale.

Max Out Homes maintains an affiliated relationship with Century 21 Realty Specialists. All Max Out Makeover Properties are listed with Century 21 Realty Specialists at an agreed upon commission rate and selling price simultaneous with the signing of the Max Out Makeover Agreement. Any commission earned by Century 21 Realty Specialists on the sale is directly deducted from the Max Out project management fee, offering a dollar-for-dollar discount. This approach aligns the interests of Max Out Homes with the successful sale of the property, ensuring a partnership driven toward achieving the best possible sale outcome.

Post-Makeover Listing Strategy.

Following the renovation, the property is listed with Century 21 Realty Specialists. This partnership ensures that the rejuvenated property is marketed effectively, leveraging Century 21’s expertise in targeting the right buyers and securing the best sale price. The synergy between the enhanced property and Century 21’s marketing prowess aims to maximize returns for the seller, underlining the comprehensive and value-driven approach of the “Max Out Makeover” program.

Sell Your Home Once, Get Paid Twice!

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