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Probate Homes


We are here to simplify the process of inheriting real estate and get you the maximum amount for your real estate inheritance.

Homeowner Assistance Program

At Max Out Homes, we are proud to partner with, an experienced outreach and advocacy group dedicated to assisting homeowners and heirs in distress, particularly those facing foreclosure. offers a range of foreclosure prevention options exclusively for qualified New York homeowners and heirs. They understand that avoiding foreclosure is just the first step towards a fresh start, which is why they have developed our exclusive Homeowner Assistance Program (HOAP). Through HOAP, homeowners and heirs gain access to a variety of resources and options tailored to their unique circumstances, all without any out-of-pocket costs. Whether homeowners or heirs wish to keep their property or sell it, Homeowner Advocates work closely with each individual to develop a comprehensive plan to end foreclosure.

Sell Your Home Once, Get Paid Twice!

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